Analytical Essay

Analytical essays are built on some sort of argument. In this kind of academic writing, you are presented with a piece of literature from which you are supposed to make an argument. Your claim needs to be something hidden from a casual reader, yet evident in the piece of literature.  This argument is what forms your thesis statement.

How to write a quality thesis statement

Make it personal

Your thesis is purely your personal interpretation of the piece you read.

Don’t make it obvious

Your argument needs to be something that normal eyes cannot see. It needs to be hidden, something that not everyone can see.

Make a comparison

Your thesis needs to explain your claim, making a comparison of the two opposing claims deduced from the text. Use the format: “Although this seems to be happening, this is more true.”

However, your thesis does not have to be complex. You can write a simple thesis that explains your claim without making a comparison. This takes the format: “If we look closely at abcd, we discover that xyz is happening.”

Tips on how to write a quality analytical essay

Find images that have been used consistently in the text. These can be used to form the basis of your explanation.

Find beliefs or ideas that the author is advocating for and how they are likely to affect the reader.

Look at the characters in the story and examine how their presentation affects the main character.

Give solid evidence to support your claim. Evidence can be gotten from the structure of the text, quotes from the text or language used in the text. If possible, use one quote in every paragraph.

Choose an interesting topic for your essay and proofread your work.

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