Book review

Writing a book review can be very time consuming as it requires you to read everything from cover to cover. To write a quality book review, you might be required to go outside the book into other authors within the genre for comparison, or other works by the same author to give the book some background.

How to write impeccable book reviews

If you have been given a book review assignment, there are various things you will be required to do beyond the reading and writing. You will have to describe what the book is about then analyze its content and finally give your overall evaluation of the work. This might require you to link the text with the title of the book, illustrations on the cover, year of publishing, how the book is organized among other things.

Read the preface

Reading the preface helps you to get an overview of the book. This will give you the author’s main message and how it has been spread out in the book.

Look at the table of contents

Scan though the table of contents to see an overview of how content has been organized in the book. Is it arranged alphabetically, chronologically, or randomly and what is the significance of this?


What is the genre of the book? What is the author’s point of view and do you agree with it? What style has he used and is it appropriate for his audience? Has the author used a language that is appropriate, clear or too complicated? Is the content of the book accurate and convincing? Are there footnotes and do they help clarify the author’s message? Did the author include indices and are they relevant? Did the author cite sources and are they relevant and up to date?

Look beyond

Book review homework will not be complete without including a comparison with other works within the genre. Compare it with similar books by different authors and rate it.


A book review is essentially your personal opinion of a book that is backed up with evidence from the text. As you read the book, take short notes that will be used to support your analysis.

Important information to include in a book review

When writing a book review, it is important to include the following information in your paper:

  • Title of the book
  • Author of the book- qualifications, other works, reputation
  • Place of publication
  • Publishers name
  • Publishing date
  • Edition
  • Pages
  • Main characters and their roles in the plot development

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the opening and closing paragraphs of your assignment. The opening paragraph and should be captivating enough to set the pace for the paper while the closing paragraph should give your final assessment of the book. In addition, you need to pay attention to the instructor’s guidelines.

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