College Research Paper

Are you struggling to write a college research paper that meets the quality standards of your school? Most schools set very high requirements and so for you to score high marks, you need to write an exceptional paper. Writing a quality paper takes a combination of in-depth research, critical thinking, excellent grammar and several revisions. Your third draft will always be better than the first draft.

Tips on how to write an exceptional college research paper

The quality of your college research paper will determine whether you will pass that subject or not. This will eventually determine whether you graduate or not. The following tips can help you:

Research widely

Cover every topic in the subject you are researching. Read several books and include citations from authoritative books. Mix internet sources and library books. Websites ending in .gov and .edu extensions are considered authoritative enough to use in college research papers. Library books can be found in your campus library, virtual libraries or even Google books.

Good grammar

The readability of your homework affects your final grade. Your paper should flow smoothly and naturally, with smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs. Your instructor should not struggle to understand what you are trying to say. Highlight your points clearly and include a good conclusion.


The presentation of your paper plays a major role in grading. Your work should be neat and formatted according to the instructor’s guidelines. Different subjects use different styles of reference; use one style consistently throughout the paper and do not forget to include the reference list.


Typos can alter the entire meaning of a word, paragraph and interfere with the meaning of the entire paper. Once you write the first draft, take some time off and then come back for revision.

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