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Plagiarism is a cardinal sin in paper writing. It will not only have you penalized by your instructors, but can also get you arrested in extreme cases. It is a crime to use other people’s work without giving them credit. Even paraphrasing can cost you marks and delay your graduation. Here at Freelance Academic Essays, we write non-plagiarized essays, term papers, research papers, theses, dissertations among other scholarly papers.

How to write a non-plagiarized essay

Plagiarism is copying another person’s ideas and using them as if they are your own. Most students do not understand how they can avoid plagiarism when writing homework assignments. Some even copy and paste sentences and paragraphs because they sound good and well argued. The reason research is necessary is to see what other authors are saying about the subject or topic of research and possibly borrow some ideas from them.

There is a legal and an illegal way to borrow ideas from someone. The illegal way involves copying chunks of text from the original text and pasting them on your paper as part of your writing. This is highly discouraged in academic circles and can cause your instructor to discard your homework assignment paper.

The legal way to borrow ideas includes paraphrasing and the proper use of in-text citations. In-text citations should be used in consistence with the style of referencing recommended by your instructor. All materials you borrowed ideas from should also be listed in the references list at the end of your essay. This way, your instructor can see all the books you read and whose thoughts you borrowed in order to validate your idea. This shows that you are also creative enough to write a well-argued paper.

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